Trillium Lake

We went out yesterday to take a photo for our holiday card; we usually take a picture that represents where we are if we’ve recently moved, or what’s going on in our lives. This year we wanted to get a photo of our new surroundings in Oregon, and I thought a shot at Trillium Lake with Mt.Hood in the background would be a good choice. Little did I know that the road is closed during the winter and we would be hiking a few miles… but the results were worth it.

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    1. Allen Rowand Author

      Thanks! It was fun, even with the hiking and pain and sugar crashing.

      Oh, it was legit. Outside of some exposure adjustment, the only Photochopping I did was remove a distracting branch from the edge of the shot that I couldn’t get around.

      Relevant specs: Olympus E-M5 with a Panasonic 12-35mm lens; 1/640th at f6.3, ISO 200. Camera was on a tripod, fired via the remote in my left pocket.

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