I did a bad thing.

I know I shouldn’t have. I wasn’t planning on it. But I bought a new camera.

My E-M5 has been acting up occasionally, which I don’t complain about since it’s been thrashed over the last couple years. I’ve loved the quirky little guy, but still find some things a bit unwieldy.

Things that have been fixed in the E-M1.

So a few days ago, I clicked the button to buy a refurbed E-M1, which I got today. While it’s going to take some time to reprogram the muscle memory (am I the only person that likes where the E-M5 power button is?) I already feel like the change is worth it.

Here’s one of my first “getting to know you” shots; Sebastian in repose. Taken with the 14mm f2.5, run through the excellent Huelight E-M1 camera preset and b&w’d by Silver Efex.


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