2013 in review

As I looked back on the photos I took in 2013, I was surprised at first; I had taken so few, and I really didn’t like many of them. As I looked more and thought about what the last year was like I was reminded of how I was uninspired by Florida, and rarely felt like going out with the camera. Then there was the trip to Oregon to see if we wanted to relocate, followed by months of preparation and ultimately a cross-country drive. A very busy summer.

Then I looked at my photos from the latter part of the year. Since we’ve moved I’ve looked forward to getting out and exploring the wilderness around Portland every week and am excited by the prospect of returning to many of the places I’ve visited to capture them again in different lighting and different seasons. The photos posted here are my favorites of 2013- not only because I like them, but because they represent a rekindling of my passion for creating images.

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